Portishead Taekwon-Do
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A TaeKwon-Do student tries to exemplify their behaviour in line with the 5 Tenets of TaeKwon-Do. 1. Courtesy: to be polite to one’s instructor, seniors and fellow students. 2. Integrity: to be honest with oneself. One must be able to define right and wrong. 3. Perseverance: To achieve a goal, whether it is a higher grade or any technique, one must not stop trying; one must persevere. 4. Self Control: To lose ones’ temper when performing techniques against an opponent can be very dangerous and shows a lack of self- control. To be able to live, work and train within ones’ capability shows good self-control. 5. Indomitable Spirit: to show courage: when you and your principles are pitted against overwhelming odds. Conduct in the Dojang (Training Hall)  Every student must observe the following conduct in the Dojang in order to  maintain and orderly and effective training hall  1. Bow upon entering 2. Bow to the instructor at a proper distance 3. Exchange greetings between students 4. Bow to the instructor before forming a line prior to training 5. Bow to the instructor upon forming a line prior to dismissal 6. Bow before leaving the Dojang. To make good progress you should train twice a week, however for those who wish to, as a P.U.M.A. student you can train additional days at any other PUMA school. It is necessary to enquire politely with me and the other instructor prior to class to obtain their permission but no additional fees are required.
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